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Source and Snow Lakes
Source Lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness is the "source" of the South Fork of the Snoquamie river. Just beyond on the same trail is hughly popular Snow Lake, a beautiful, large alpine lake.
by Mike Carey |  8/26/2015 |  64 views
Kokanee Still Fishing
The art of still fishing for kokanee is very different from trolling. Toni, Owner of Wanna Fish a Lure shows us a few tips in this video from Clear Lake, Pierce County, WA.
by Mike Carey |  8/14/2015 |  357 views
Loon Lake Kokanee and Macks
NWFR's Rob Holman and "Downrigger Al" got to fish with guide Dave Grove (Captain Dave's Guide Service). The target was kokanee, but a bonus 11 pound mack works as well!
by Rob Holman |  8/6/2015 |  204 views
Ilwaco Washington Ocean Salmon
There's nothing quite like being out on the ocean, smelling the saltwater air, rocking on the waves, and catching King Salmon. The NWFR crew had a special day fishing with Pat Schenk of Sea Breeze Charters out of Ilwaco, Washington. Join us for some hot fishing action!
by Mike Carey |  7/17/2015 |  531 views
Brewster Sockeye Mania!
WOW! Sockeye fishing at Brewster on the Columbia River has been amazing. Join us as we fish with Jerrod Gibbons of Okanogan Valley Guide Service. He'll show you the tips and techniques to help you catch more sockeye!
by Mike Carey |  7/10/2015 |  938 views
Smallmouth Bass Bed Fishing 101
Wow! We got some incredible underwater footage of smallmouth bass protecting their beds. Check out this video as I fish with Big Bass Dez and Tom Melowitz and demonstrate some bed fishing essentials.
by Mike Carey |  6/19/2015 |  393 views
Banks Lake Walleye 2015
Fishing Banks Lake is always a visual feast - and the walleye aren't bad, either! We fish with Jordan Osborn of Upper Columbia Guide service as he shows us some locations and tips that get us into the biggest walleye we've ever caught!
by Mike Carey |  6/6/2015 |  611 views
Super Dipping Sauce Product Review
More Palmer Lake kokanee action with Jerrod Gibbons of Okanogan Valley Guide Service as he talks about his new products, including his "scent bomb". Great for kokanee!
by Rob Holman |  6/1/2015 |  402 views
ADA Boats Review
For our aging and disabled population with mobility issues, it can be tough to get out on the water. That's where ADA Boats, Inc comes in. Mike Mayes, Founder, has designed and built a boat that can handle the special needs of those in wheelchairs and other mobility issues. I found it to be a great boat to fish out of, not to mention the handicap accessibility features. Check them out at ADABoats.com
by Mike Carey |  5/25/2015 |  385 views
Palmer Lake Kokanee 2015
Palmer Lake has a reputation as a premier kokanee fishery. See why as NWFR's Rob Holman joins guide Jerrod Gibbons of Okanogan Guide Service for a day of hot fishing.
by Rob Holman |  5/23/2015 |  1687 views
Neah Bay Bottomfish
One of the Best Fishing Trips I have had in some time! Neah Bay is a great place to fish - beautiful scenery and great fishing - hard to beat!
by Mike Carey |  5/8/2015 |  804 views
Downrigger Releases for a Dollar
Don't spend $6-8 dollars on a downrigger clip - make them for less than a dollar a clip! Learn where to get the components and how easy it is to make your your downrigger clips.
by Gringo Pescador and Mike Carey |  4/10/2015 |  1130 views
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