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Beaver Lake in King County

by Mike Carey, March 09, 2007
Beaver lake is not really one lake, but three lakes. The largest of the three has a county park and a ... all ยป public boat launch. The other two lakes are smaller and to my knowledge do not have public access. Maps show the lakes connected by streams but I don't know if they can be navigated or not. The lakes are stocked with rainbow and also hold largemouth bass, perch, and bullhead.

The main lake is wooded and the day I was there I saw a bald eagle making it's rounds. There are houses scattered on the shoreline but they tend to be well hidden among the treed shores. Because this lake does not allow motors it seemed very peaceful and quiet. The county park is fair sized and makes a nice place for families to visit. The boat launch is across from the park. It is a rough launch and has limited parking.

This lake is a nice alternative to the more popular and noisy Pine lake just down the road. It is well suited to the fly fishers and float tube angler crowd.

Beaver Lakes (11.6, 62.5, and 5.9 acres): This group of three connected lakes is located two miles east of Pine Lake in Issaquah. The largest of the three has a public access with ramp and toilets located in the southeast corner. Largemouth bass and rainbow are the principal attraction, although yellow perch are also present.


5/4/2009 11:22:00 PM
I have navigated the passages on my pontoon boat with the trolling motor near the surface
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