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Smallmouth Bass Bed Fishing 101

by Mike Carey, June 19, 2015
Wow! We got some incredible underwater footage of smallmouth bass protecting their beds. Check out this video as I fish with Big Bass Dez and Tom Melowitz and demonstrate some bed fishing essentials.


11/3/2015 3:50:00 PM
Now run over to smaller lakes like Goodwin, Stevens and the like and watch the line of boats waiting to catch the illusive bedded bass, but don't worry, after every time they're caught they swim right back to their beds, again and again and again etc.....that is unless they are caught by someone that likes to harvest OR toted around in a livewell while the fisherman tries to catch another one for the all important double bass photo op! Bed fishing should be a last resort for the "professional" tournament angler that's trying to earn money to feed his family, at least until tournaments finally ban it. All the droves of weekend warriors do is stress the hell out of the fish and potentially let their nests be raided by perch and sunfish. However, since the droves are still going to do it at least use heavy line so they don't sit there with your stupid bait and three+ feet of 6-8lb test dangling out of their mouths!! Here's a part two idea for you...jump on my boat and I'll show you how to catch 90% of the bedded fish in any lake with 50lb braid and a fat rubber band!

As impressive as hunting at the zoo. :(
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