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Meridian Lake in King County

by Mike Carey, February 02, 2007
Watch out for the early morning skiers on this urban lake. The ramps are a problem as well, shallow and limited parking.

Meridian ... all ยป Lake (150 acres): Located between Kent and SR 18, about two miles east of Kent, this year-around lake has dual WDFW and county park access on the southeast shore with a boat ramp. An excellent fishing pier is available through the county park. Stocked with catchable-size rainbows after May 1 (to reduce bird predation), Meridian is also productive for largemouth bass, yellow perch and brown bullheads.

Lake Meridian was taken over by the City of Kent about 7 years ago or so. It's a City park and looks way better than what the county did with it. The City is redoing the boat launch this year because of how shallow it was. By the end of the year, it will be a lot easier for people to launch their boats.

Editor's Note: As of my visit on Aug 2006, the city finished it's overhaul but the ramp still looks pretty shallow, although it is paved. The WDFW ramp just down the road is rough and also quite shallow with very limited parking. City park has limited parking as well. Beware, the speed boats come out promptly at 9am!


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