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Riffe Lake Report
Lewis County, WA



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Spent the week of June 21-25 at Mossyrock Park campground with my family. Had friends
and family join me fishing on 3 of those days. Limited every day with a mixed bag of trout and coho. Started with an assortment of gear to see what the fish liked. It became abundantly clear this trip the fish wanted primarily two setups. A homemade shrimp and spin’n glo combo and a 2.14” Old Goat lure of orange and pink. The OG1 out fished every setup and in 4 days of fishing never was retired to try something else. It was crazy how the fish responded to the OG1 Goat setup. First time using them here and wasn’t disappointed.

Fish were found about 20-60’ down in 200+ FOW and trolled between 1.3-1.6 mph. Hoping to get back there when these temps subside.



6/29/2021 6:14:55 PM
Haven’t quite figured out out to embed a YouTube on the post. Here is the one I created for this trip.

Mike Carey
7/13/2021 8:06:07 AM
On You Tube, select "Share", then "Embed". Copy the code and paste it into the body of your report.
7/15/2021 11:53:53 AM
Thanks Mike!!
6/29/2021 9:36:20 PM
Riffe is great fishing, we just keep what we need, helps keep it that way..
7/3/2021 10:41:20 AM
Who’s we? Are you trying to insinuate he kept too many fish? Looks like he kept his legal limit. As he should have. Nice job Yakhusker!
7/8/2021 9:42:07 PM
Thank you @JD15SS! Lots of memories especially from the two who had never fished before but bought their license so we could do a trip together in honor of our friend who passed from Covid.
6/30/2021 5:25:48 AM
Did u add a piece of shrimp to the OG1?
6/30/2021 7:51:17 AM
Yes we did
6/30/2021 9:08:17 AM
What was the average size of the fish caught by your group? It seems in years past that there were two fish sizes, that resulted in a mixed bag of smaller 8"-10" fish or a larger 14"-16".

Was that your experience?
6/30/2021 9:18:15 AM
Of all the days fishing we only caught 4 of the smaller fish. Last year it was a lot more smalls but not for us on this trip. Mostly 14-16” with a few over that. The trout meat is also 100% better than last years quality. The planted triploids, being in the lake 1 year already, are definitely worth keeping for table fare.
6/30/2021 10:25:49 AM
Thanks for putting the OG1 to work and reporting the result! (And, we appreciate the new color concept and tests: We'll be painting up a bunch in the next week and getting them up on the store!)
7/15/2021 10:05:22 AM
where can I find these lures?? online only or are they somewhere local at brick and mortar store.
7/1/2021 10:26:59 AM
What does the launch look like at mossy rock? plenty of dock?
7/1/2021 10:34:24 AM
Water level is good. Both lanes are useable. During busy times people are launching and getting out quick. 5-10 minutes is what I’ve seen to be acceptable from time of launch. During peak times some try to moor their boats and tempers get heated.
7/1/2021 10:37:58 AM
If you haven’t been there it is a long launch. Usually enough rooms for 2 boats on each side of dock (one launched, one launching). Mornings there aren’t usually an issue. If you stay out past noon, patience is key because many boats can be loading/unloading.
7/1/2021 12:16:45 PM
nice time to load up the boys and fill the smoker, freezer, fridge, coolers. lol
7/1/2021 2:24:06 PM
YUP, because DFW doesn't care about possession limits, why would they?
Jake Dogfish
7/4/2021 1:25:05 PM
It’s ok to be jealous. Looks like they had a great time!
7/7/2021 6:11:31 PM
It’s funny you brought up possession limits when you don’t even know how I/we do things. I don’t need to justify my catch but in case you were wondering we had a big fish fry for the family dinner, I smoked the coho with my travel Traeger at the campsite and used it for quiche the next morning. I went home with 0 fish in the cooler. My buddies and family who came up, went home with their limits of fish. Don’t bother with the implications of your words. Sorry you can’t find Happy in others successes.
7/7/2021 6:12:57 PM
@jake we did have a great time! Thank you
Ethan Connor
7/7/2021 11:22:00 AM
Champing is a great way to relax you mind and Fishing is a great hobby.
7/7/2021 6:07:01 PM
7/15/2021 9:58:54 AM
Yak, don't sweat the trolls.. I loved your report, was wondering how it was fishing and might be that way in a couple weeks.. Looks and sounds like you had a blast. I'm checking out old goats right now, first I have heard of them.. thanks again.
7/15/2021 11:55:14 AM
Heading back up there this Wednesday! Hoping to put some more fish in the boat. Taking another Riffe Lake rookie
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