Advertising Works

A campaign that is vigorous and positive can bring consumers into the marketplace! If your customers are anglers or outdoor enthusiasts we can help you reach them.

The power to deliver your message
Our multi-platform solutions deliver your message via unique and customized advertising opportunities. We can help you reach the people your business needs, drive consumers to your website, increase your visibility, and raise brand awareness with northwest anglers! Contact us to discuss a custom advertising package designed to deliver.

    Serving northwest anglers since 1997.
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  • Website Coverage Area
    Users can post reports for any waterway in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and beyond.
  • Website Readership Current readership averages 15,000+ unique users per day, with peak months being April-September.
  • High Traffic
    Total visits last year were over 6.0 million.
    • Newsletter
      Our monthly newsletter has an audience of 30,000+ subscribers
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    • Huge Forum
      Registered Forum members 43,000+ (many of our visitors come to read the fishing reports, and are not registered)
    • Facebook & Instagram
      Growing Social Media presence
    • NWF TV on Youtube
      YouTube Video channel with over 2.5 million video views and 7700+ Subscribers
    • NWF TV on Television
      Broadcast TV show focused on the northwest and partnered with major networks and local affiliates.

Business Account & Directory Listing

With an NWFR Business Account, you'll have several benefits that will allow you to tap into our large readership:

  • Fishing Reports
    The ability to post fishing reports on our web sites and forums. This is the what makes our system so effective as an advertising tool. Each report or forum post you make will have a link to your web site at the bottom of the post, so readers have instant access to your business with a single click. It's like putting up a new ad every time you post a fishing report. All businesses are allowed to post reports on any body of water (salt, lake, river). This is especially effective for guides and charters, but works well for any company that uses it appropriately. Our readers come to the site to read fishing reports, they see your report post and this builds your brand recognition. NWFR reports are different than a blog, forum or social media post. We have searchable fields and ask for a range of data. Reports are never removed and become part of our site's database. Your reports are searchable by Google and other search engines, so unlike Facebook your report becomes a permanent, searchable part of the internet, and is found for years to come.
  • SEO Benefits
    Your reports are searchable by Google and other search engines, so unlike Facebook your report becomes a permanent, searchable part of the internet, and is found for years to come. Everytime you post on a signature will be generated with link. This link is extremely beneficial to your sites SEO. We also ask that you link to the NWFR website, either to your personal reports listing page or our home page.
  • Directory Listing
    Your business account includes a listing in our Northwest Fishing Directory featuring sport fishing products, services, and more. The directory listing includes a link to your website, contact information, and your logo.
  • Forum Engagement
    Advertisers can engage our readers in our Forum. Answer questions and talk shop in our forum to get your name in front of people looking for answers. Load your logo into your forum profile for even more brand recognition.
  • Facebook Posts
    Advertisers can post on our Facebook Northwest Fishing Reports group page. These posts should be focused on your business. Cross promotion of other non-NWFR advertising businesses within the NWFR Facebook group is discouraged in order to protect our sponsors & advertisers.
  • Additional Facebook support. Occasionally NWFR will share your posts or collaborate on other promotions at our discretion.
  • NWF TV
    *The possibility of collaborating with Northwest Fishing in the creation of an HD video. These videos are distributed through our website, on our YouTube Channel and sometimes on our Facebook or social media sites. This is a another great way to get yourself out on the internet for search engines to find. Videos are filmed and produced by us. You get the rights to embed the video on your website, if you so chose. You supply the gear and a trip for us to video. Our participating guides have told us that these videos are incredibly effective. They usually run 12-15 minutes long, but can vary. Production and distribution of the video is dependent on the fishing and at NWF discretion. Our production schedule is very full and this is in no way a "promise" to create a video with you. There is no schedule for delivery of these videos, some can take 30 days, others a year. Further, while we use the content from these videos as the basis of NWF TV, participating in creating a video does not guarantee inclusion in NWF TV. Some are never released, or released only to Youtube, etc.

Advertisers that actively participate on the site (2-4 reports posted per month) do much better than those that merely buy an ad and then do nothing interactive. We can say with confidence that if you participate on a regular basis you will have success and find new clients.

For Guides and Charters: We guarantee that if you post a minimum of two reports per month (or 24 in one year), you will book at least one trip (enough to pay for your full year of advertising). If you don't, we'll extend your sponsorship for six months of additional advertising FREE.

NWFR Web Packages

Basic Bundle

The Basic Business Account advertising package is $399 per year (Yes, less than $40/month) and includes all the above.

Silver Bundle

The Silver bundle is $699/year. This includes the basic package plus 120,000 728x90 above the fold, Leaderboard Banner ads per year. This is the ad space at the top of the page, next to our logo. You can schedule the 120,000 impressions to run however and whenever you wish. Production of one banner ad is included.

Gold Guide Bundle

The Gold Level bundle is $999/year. This includes all the above PLUS inclusion in the "deals and offers" section of our monthly newsletter with a logo, link and text message or offer. The NWFR newsletter is subscribed to by majority of our members and is read by thousands (29,000+) of anglers monthly. >>>Multi-boat charters and guides start at this annual rate.<<<

All advertising is pre-paid. Please note "sponsorship" of is "Advertising". Sponsors/advertisers/business accounts are not exclusive in their areas, categories, or fields.

*Rates are based on a single boat guide, single retail location, one tackle brand, one hotel location, etc. Please call for multi-boat, multi-location rates.

NWFR Advertising Policy